Monday, August 5, 2013

What makes a runner, well, a runner

I am NOT a runner. I go for runs fairly regularly, and occasionally I even crave the stress busting power of a run. That's not to say I won't eventually become a runner. Like so many things, time changes circumstances and preferences. But as of last nights' 3 mile run, I am pretty sure I still don't like it. I just like the results of the cardio workout it provides. But I can say that I am not a runner with certainty because I have figured out what it is that makes a runner a runner.

As I sweet talked myself up a steep hill yesterday, I couldn't help notice there were two types of drivers passing me on the road. There were the kind, smiling faces behind the wheel that moved over for me. And there were the frowning, speed demons that flew by me and left a gust of dirt swirling against me. And it got me thinking about the kind of driver I had converted to since April when I began running for health reasons. Beforehand, I moved over for the runners but I felt guilty, annoyed, and like every runner was rubbing their health and commitment in my face. Now that I run too, I wave and smile at every runner I see, or cheer them on if they pass me when I am pushing my girls at the park or along the road.

At the end of the day, runners run because they love it or they are super committed to their goals. If you drive by them and feel like they are showing off, maybe its time you became a runner.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Do you peel your mushrooms?

I consider my mother in law to be a really good cook. She has taught me a lot of recipes and methods on top of the skills my mom installed in me growing up, especially when we stayed with them while Nolan was deployed, or those random months of living with them mid-move from one duty station to another. So I like the fact that I was able to teach this culinary woman a trick she never knew about in all her years of experience. And several woman in my life know about peeling their mushrooms, while others look at me like a bug when I mention it.

Do you know that mushrooms can be peeled, removing the dirty, outer skin? Do you peel your mushrooms?

To peel a mushroom: Use you thumb to gently rub the tip of the "bowl" of the mushroom head (by the stem) up and over the cap. The skin should be thin and roll right off!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Announcement and New Product Review

If you have been chatting with me about becoming a member, now might be the time to do it! For the next 20 days, annual memberships are only $1 again. That is a $30 yearly savings on products you already use and a small investment to start working from home! Email me for more details!

At convention, a plethora of new products were introduced. I want to tell you the product I am most excited about and am in love with, the new deodorant. As most of you know, I am a runner and work out pretty regularly. The old version was okay, but I am not going to lie, I sweat a lot and I stink! The old deodorant worked for ordinary days, but when I was getting active, I stank and broke out in under my arms! The new herbal deodorant not only works, is aluminum free, and doesn't cause breakouts, but it smells wonderful and when I wear it so do I! It holds up to its claims!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Earlier this year, I set some health goals and kicked my healthy lifestyle gears into overdrive. An update was in order, and today is the perfect day to do that. As of today, I hit the half way weight and had a friend say that she can see the difference. And to top it all off, this morning's weigh in broke a nearly two week plateau. I have to shout out to my neighbor Jeff for tricking me into running my first 5k. Not only did it get me over that hump, but it forced me to acknowledge my ability to push myself beyond what I was comfortable doing. And it's a great feeling and a great lesson: pushing past what you think you can do makes you push your self-expectations beyond anything you have done before, strengthening your faith and your person.

Cheers to the second leg of this journey!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

I just knew if I asked my husband to start cleaning the kitchen at night to ease my work load during our daughter's bedtime routine, he would be angry thinking I was trying to convince him to do my least favorite chore. I expected this so intensely that it took me over an hour to get the nerve to even start the conversation, and my body was shaking in anticipation. The memory of my counselor's encouraging face kept me from slinking to bed early in shame.

Boy, was I ever shocked when he laughed and said that if he tackled the kitchen or took over bath time with the girls would help me stress less and make the night smoother, he was willing to do so. Never had I known such relief!

The psychological and related fields call the internal predictions of ones emotional state Affective Forecasting. Humans tend to have an exaggerated affective forecasting thought process. I would like to speculate that moms do it best! How often do you expect the worst, and then chide yourself later for the stress you caused yourself? What situations tend to create these conditions for you? By seeing the patterns, you can train your mind to think more positively, and ultimately, ease the stress in your life and for your family. After all, "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wow, my last post was nearly six months ago and really that just ridiculous! So much has happened and I have so much to share, but sometimes blogging just doesn't fit into the two second increments I have between toddler induced disasters. As Mikayla grows, she is even more of a climber and Godzilla then Brylie was at this age. I never thought that would ever be possible.

My writing break is another sure sign that I was in fact dealing with depression. Mikayla's sleep cycle was non-existent and as a result, I grew more and more tired, angry and frustrated. I stopped actively working my Melaleuca business, but thank God my paycheck continued to come in each month. When prayer and encouragement from family didn't seem to help, and with my husband getting more and more displaced, and my girls both seeming to fear me in an unhealthy way, I seeked out professional help. And God led me to just the right place.

My counselor not only gave me a safe place to open up, but enpowered me. I realized that I was more then a half rate mother and that I had a right to feel what I felt. With amazing suggestions and the backing to make some big changes, she led me back to God and back to who I wanted to be. Let me just say, my confidence in Christ and myself is 100 times better then it was in November. I realized that not only did I have ridiculous expectations for myself, but that I had projected those on Nolan and thought he did as well. The first step was fixing my marriage's communication issues and telling Nolan what I needed from him. Surprizingly, he responded immediately, being once again my hero! With his support behind me, I then faced the biggest step I think I took through this whole process. I sat down and asked myself what I loved to do and why I wasn't ever doing anything for myself? True, we are called to be mothers and make sacrifices, but no where in the bible does it say be a door mat and don't take care of yourself. I took a few self dates, time by myself and felt guilty and bored because I had no idea what to do or where to go. After three or four of these trips, I sat down and made a list of things I loved to do. Some were out of my family's price range, but three things were pretty obvious: my passion for wellness and green living, and the joy I get from writing. And so, I began both again and with a vengeance.

Since the end of April, I have started a health routine that I hope to make habitual. has been a huge tool in helping me accomplish my first physical goal of losing the weight I gained while I meandered through depression last year. Being realistic about my portions and choosing foods worth the calories was the first step. I want to emphasize that when I say worth the calories, I mean tasty. I had ice cream bars about every other day and still lost the weight because I love it! Then I started to go to the gym with my husband a few times a week, mixing in active playtime with my girls. Dancing around the living room for an hour with Brylie and Mikayla not only gives me a fun cardio workout, but creates silly laughter and makes nap time come earlier each day. And I have become someone that I never thought possible: a runner! Now, I crave the physical time and enjoy it. It has become a stress buster.

In the last six weeks, I have lost 20 lbs, tripled my daily water intake and quite frankly, just feel great! And all I can say is thank you GOD!

Now even more then the weight loss, I can't believe the transformation in my eternal outlook. God has shown me grace and love, but most of all hope. I think as mothers, its so easy to walk through stale days, surrounded by piles, attacked with failure, and wallowing in self pity. But Christ's message covers all our bases and then some. For me, I needed to know I was beautiful, loved for who I was, blessed beyond my understanding, and trusted with two children God loved as much as me. With these revelations, joy filled me in such a way that I could never, ever find myself in the low pit that I was in last fall.

If nothing else, I want any moms reading this to know that you aren't alone, that GOD loves you so very much, and that everything you have, good bad and broken is a gift to be treasured! When you feel overwhelmed, "Be still and know that [He is] God." ~Psalms 46:10

Monday, November 5, 2012

Watch it to win it give-a-way!

It's that time of year again... the leaves are swirling across roads, scarves and gloves are needed to leave the house, and our family is getting portraits to create our Christmas cards! So much has happened this year. We just had Mikayla's first birthday party and are gearing up for the coming holidays, buying a few gifts here and there when we see good deals. Our housewarming party was a success, with friends and family warming it with love and praising God for His provision.

Business is booming in this house! My team is looking to hire one great person who truly wants the freedom of working hard from home and wants to eco-ize their lifestyle! But the big bonus is that if you do a FREE online 30 minute presentation with me between now and December 15th, you are entered to win a $20 Target gift card! Just fill out the form above and I will give you a call! Two runners up will also receive a product gift to keep or re-gift. If you have done a presentation with me before and have determined that this is a better time  for you to be a customer or work from home, you may do another presentation and be entered. Please email me or call me for more information.

Make it a wonderful week everyone!