Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why "high-fives"?

I have always wanted to have a blog but I didn't know what I would write about. As I sat at the computer thinking hard about what my title should be I couldn't help wondering if this would be worth my time. A title is an embodiment of the person as a whole, of their life and their story, and of the content and goal of the blog itself. I wanted to do more then go on and on about my daily life, droning like myself and other people do on facebook about what they are cooking or the errands they have to run this particular day. I wanted to dive deeper into my God given writing abilities and use them to tell anyone willing to read it about who I am and what I do. Being a young mother in our society and a navy wife are enough to write a plethora of novels. Add the great support and accomplishments of my at-home business team and I think a blog is just the ticket!

I am a healthy woman living in a healthy and green home thanks to the Melaleuca products. I am a wealthy woman in spirit, family, and joy. I am a member of a team that doesn't know my face but supports me and helps me to acheive my goals. We give each other email high fives all the time. Its our thing. Wise just wasn't right... I am still learning and eager to high five the members that are taking this journey of wealth and health with me, be they older and wiser or green, just like me!

Thank you for your curiousity; welcome to my world!