Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lemon Brite Bubbles

I am one of those moms that would throw out the tv and replace it with a bookshelf full of good reads if it were an option. I would do almost anything to get my 2 year old daughter outside! My best weapon against the tv since the weather has been warm (which in San Diego was in February) has been bubbles. Both she and Diesel our aussie shepherd love it. She blows them and diesel jumps up to bite them.

A few weeks back, I had the misfortune of running out of bubbles and not having any cash on hand or in our account. Nolan had withdrawn it for groceries later that afternoon. So even my usual run up to the dollar store wasn't an option. Brylie was whining of boredom and I just knew if I didn't pull out a surprise soon, it was going to get ugly. I had already worn out the hidden area of the closet where we keep toys for just such an occassion. Even the water doodle wasn't having its usual success.

"what am I going to do?" I thought as Brylie lapsed into another boredom fit. How in the world do moms with twins handle this? lol. Then I thought... I wonder if the lemon brite will blow bubbles like other dish soaps? It is concentrated, so I thought maybe it would be too thick. But it worked! Lemon brite bubbles saved the day! :)


  1. You are a wonderful mom! I love reading your blog. Funny story. It was sticky hot here in KC (which Im not complaining cuz we are tired of rain!) So before nap I ran a cool bath for the kids and we blew bubbles in the bath tub! Never thought to do that before we always go outside. It was so much fun!

  2. Aw that is a great idea!!! LOL. its like sesame street in real life when Ernie takes a bath with rubber duckie. LOL.