Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What the Magic Eraser can't do, Tub and Tile CAN!

It had been a long couple of weeks: early mornings taking my husband to work, long days of errands, doctor's appointments, and social engagements. So yesterday morning I took the opportunity to put my daughter in bed with me and catch another hour of sleep. Lo and behold, I awoke to an empty bed. In the living room I could hear the high pitched laughter of Elmo and a my daughter doing something with paper on our coffee table.

"OH NO" I thought as I catapulted out of bed and rushed to assess the damage. Pink post-it notes were stuck to every piece of furniture in the front room. As I got closer I could see a metallic scribble on each one. And the only metallic pen I own is a silver shimmer sharpie. My heart flew to my throat.

My daughter looked up and said "morning" in a mimic of our morning routine. She gave me a hug and pulled me toward my desk. Pointing to the floor, she said, "mommy, pretty?" There, shining from the wood floor was her silver LARGE art piece, a permanent mark on our rental home's new hardwood. The last permanent marker experience was on the wall and it took over three days of scrubbing with a magic eraser to get it off. I had momentary flashbacks as I considered what my next step should be. I HATED the magic eraser. It stank and made my hands burn last time I used it. I immediately began a mental inventory of all the cleaning products I had. And as soon as I did, my company's tub and tile was the best i could come up with. I sprayed it on, all the while praying it would come of. Then I grabbed a paper towel and a scrub brush. With just a few scrubs, it came off the floor as though it was nothing more then some dirt that had been blown into the house!

Just one more reason to love these products! :) Try them for yourself, just ask me how!

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