Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Puppy softness with ProCare!

Last month, we got Diesel's (our puppy) his first hair cut so he would be cooler in San Diego's humid and hot summer months. Anyone who has ever raised a dog from puppyhood knows that once the hair is cut, it looses that baby softness and gets a little course. He was the cutest little thing when his hair was shorter, looking like a little boy with a buzz cut. But that rough coat just wasn't the same to pet.

Well yesterday for the first time since his hair cut, I gave him a bath. Of course I used Pro Care Pet Shampoo. Even though the label has absolutely NO claim to soften the hair or condition it, I can proclaim that his fur is SO much softer and smoother then it was before his bath. And he smells good too! I love this shampoo and I recommend it to any pet owners. Its chemical free and does the job at only $7.50 for preferred customers!

smaller version Diesel's 1st haircut
Isn't he a handsome boy? :)

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