Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lots and lots of Changes

Oh my!

You know when it seems like change is RAINING down on you in one chunk of time? I am so there!

We will be moving to Washington for sure sometime between now and January. We just found out today that Nolan will have training in Texas for about a month. Don't know yet when but we should know by August.

I have become a vegan. I know, its hard to believe and impossible to imagine, but I am. For more info on why, check out my health journal at

Several of my friends are moving very soon. It makes me sad. I will miss Shannon and Amanda.... but at least I will see Shannon in Washington.

And of course, on a positive note, I just got my Melaleuca call! I am officially a Director and will be receiving my promotion and bonus! :D I am so excited!


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