Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I had to laugh.....

It was one of those moments I had to laugh, otherwise I would have cried. Two nights ago, I warned Nolan that if Brylie was going to use markers he needed to be paying special attention because she had a tendency to write on other things besides her coloring book. They did great and had a daddy-daughter moment.

However, yesterday I was doing dishes and thought she was playing with her kitchen. I went to check on her to find out that the markers had never made it to the high drawer like I thought. They were scattered on the floor, a few without lids. Diesel was chewing up the yellow one, and it was utterly destroyed. I sent him to his crate and picked up the markers, putting lids on and stashing them in their rightful place. Then i noticed the color that had been added to Brylie's foot. I asked her if she had colored on her foot, and she lifted her shirt to reveal a rainbow of swirly toddler art all over her belly. I picked her up to take her to get cleaned up and dressed and saw it..... my couch had been deeply spotted with purple, blue, green and red. It was not only on the cushion but along the seam. I wasn't sure if I should laugh for cry...

"Sol-u-mel" my business partner and friend Natasha said since I was relaying my story as I discovered it in between training calls. So I used it and the spots were gone! I was again so thankful for this company, its products, and my home business!

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