Monday, January 24, 2011

The newest kind of new.... Everything's different!

A new house to move into? Slightly stressful.

A new state, town, and naval base? A little hampering.

Husband leaving me and my toddler for a month? Somewhat disheartening.

A new puppy, rainy weather, and weight gain all in a new year? Just. Plain. CRAZY!

And what does all three of these at the same time mean I will become tomorrow when Nolan leaves us at 8:30am? A mopey wife? A lazy whiner?

Absolutely NOT! I am eager to continue making our new house a home and await my knight's return. Oh and to continue telling everyone I meet about what great products my business has and the opportunity to work from home! Why? Because I believe that everyone has the right to know what they are using on their body and that they deserve to use the best at the best price!

What's new about my belief in this company? Not a thing. Because you can't fix the best there is! But they have again and repeatedly helped me in new situations. Sol-u-mel cleaned up Benelli's accidents and helped my husband's grease covered tools look new again. Tough and tender cleaner wipes helped clean up Brylie's nightmare bed wetting from awakening in a strange place. Lemon bright dish soap cleaned my new kitchen over and over and over. :D Now that I have a dishwasher, I get to use another awesome product when I place my next order! NO chemicals that can hurt anything and no worry!

I want to help everyone I know so if you are ready to know the truth and take better care of your home and family, ask me about Internet CEO Moms and what I do from home! OR 530-410-2734

Emily M.