Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Knowing what I want for myself and others

I am pregnant, and I am working out of the home to make ends meet. I thought I would enjoy meeting other people at work, having adult conversation and getting out of the house. Now I realize working is HARD! And even worse, I miss Brylie horribly and she "misses her mommy" every time she is upset at the babysitters. Do I want to pump breast milk and keep working when baby number two makes his/her way into the world? Absolutely not. The solution? It's right under my nose. Melaleuca and Internet CEO Moms. If I can make the income I make working my tail off out of home FROM HOME, then I would like to be home with Brylie and our new baby. And it will help Nolan feel better. He doesn't like that I have to work so hard.

This is a call out! Who else wants to be home and make an income? Who else wants to work with an awesome and supportive team, including me? Great incentives, but even better a future that is exciting and fulfilling!

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