Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday's Early Morning Conversion

The fact that I am about to say this will shock those that know me best. The last several days, I have awaken with my husband at a time that up 'til now most would consider the "butt crack of dawn", that is, while it is still dark. And frankly, I have enjoyed it. Yes, enjoyed it. Up until now, my habits leaned toward a perky evening type. But sitting at my desk I have seen a world unknown to night owls and late sleepers, a time when the world is vulnerable and calm. Sipping my tea, I have watched the sky dress itself in the most brilliant of pinks and oranges and used the bay as its lively mirror. And off of that mirror danced a breeze that provoked the trees, our patio umbrella, and all the fluffy seeds of our yards' dandelions into a lively rising. (Nolan may not appreciate that last bit next time he mows. :) )

Maybe it is the lovely picture God has painted this morning. Or maybe it is the half an hour of time I get before my munchkin wakes up to focus on my day and God. Or perhaps it is the fact that rising early gives me the opportunity to serve my husband by making his coffee and lunch and enjoying a few moments in his exclusive company. Whatever the reason, I am sensing a shift in my habits and a strength in my marriage.

Along with this proclamation of discovery, I began to wonder if there was any other reason why I should make this a permanent habit. On September 17, the Telegraph published a health article confirming my curiosity: early risers are less likely to be depressed or obese. (

Now I am a stay at home mom who home schools with no where to go early in the morning, but even parents who are on the go first thing in the morning have great reasons to go to bed earlier and get up just a little earlier then necessary. They tend to be more proactive, self aware, organized, and successful at work. Click for source.

Not that night owls aren't on to something, as they tend to be the perfect yang to early risers' ying. Whichever you choose, may it do you well. But for this Mama, I think this beautiful Saturday morning may have converted me. :)

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