Thursday, September 1, 2011

Starting fresh and staying spry in September

There is a shift that hits each person on September 1st. Its as though change has taken on a persona and spoken like a friend to everyone. Not only does nature get the memo, changing colors and temperatures but our society does as well. Even in our house where my daughter is still too young to go to school, its as though a sharp charge has rolled through and she is ready to learn. Which is good considering I plan to home pre-school her this year.

Not only am I taking on personal goals like becoming Brylie's mentor in her learning abilities, get my house in order for the baby coming in five weeks, and keep myself healthy and in my weight gain goals for the baby, but I am looking forward to my business goals being accomplished as well. Never before has my heart been more ready for these changes. How am I doing this? Great products that give me a clean home, fresh energy each morning, and a business team that gives me hope and inspiration.

Now is the time to take action on your goals and your health! If this means more energy and a healthier mindset to get through the changes and start the school year off right, I can help. If this means that you need a extra or bigger income, I can help too! Ask me how you can earn $500 or more in the month of September working part time from home just like me.

Stay spry in September!

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  1. I feel that shift too! I am ready for September! Good luck with your goals and your new baby due soon!