Friday, November 25, 2011

My first ever give away: Be entered to win a $20 Target gift card!

Is an hour of your time and attention worth a $20 target giftcard?

I am excited to be putting together my first ever give away this Christmas season in celebration of my two year anniversary working for myself and using better, safer products in my home!

It's as easy as the pie we all just stuffed into our bellies for Thanksgiving to get your name in the hat! Just attend an online presentation with me between now and December 15th. A winner will be drawn on December 16th, then contacted and announced on my blog. I will rush the gift card to the winner just in time for a few last minute Christmas gifts or a simple self indulgence! Two runners up will receive a product gift as well!

Just email me or give me a call to set up your appointment! Emily Moore 530-410-2734.

Aside from a fun give away, I hope this is a great opportunity for all the people I know and love to see what I have been dedicated to for two years and to consider bettering their health, home and financial freedom as a part of my team. I firmly believe everyone should rid their homes of name brand, malignant-chemical based products and discover the power of natural ingredients as a cost effective alternative!

I hope everyone had a Thanksgiving of love and light and that those who dared to venture out on Black Friday survived this morning's chaos!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mikayla has arrived!

Yep, our bundle of joy, so secretive until October 18th, came out a little girl.
Meet Mikayla Renee.
Taken by c-section on Oct. 18th at 11:14am, 8 lbs, 10 ozs, 20.5 inches long.

I can't believe I have taken a break from work for almost two weeks! Tomorrow Mikayla will be two weeks old. Its time to try to get life back to normal and on some sort of schedule again. Now that Nolan is going back to work, I feel like I need to get structure back into my day. Of course I am still recovering from surgery and moving slower then normal. Thank GOD I have everything I need right here at home: God, support from friends and co-workers, and Melaleuca to bring income without taking both my beautiful girls to a childcare provider!

Brylie is loving being a big sister. This is a huge relief off my heart! I am so thankful I get to be home with both of them.

This is THE month for anyone that is interested in joining my team and making money from home like I am! The incentives are phenomenal and cost even more minimal then normal! Please, if you have ever considered the information I have talked about or LOVE these products like I do, make November the month you reach your goals with my help!