Saturday, March 3, 2012

When all else fails....

... just write! :)

After a month of forgetting to write on Mondays (I only have the holidays to blame!), I set my homepage to my blog so I would have no excuse not to give new information to my readers. But each week, my mind could not conjure up a topic to discuss that would intrigue you all! But here it is March now and I still haven't written. What to say, what to say?

Aside from chaos ensuing with Mikayla who is now 4 months old, my four year old has suddenly realized she isn't getting the attention she once was. I can't complain because she could be a lot worse, but there are days I wish I had a maid so I could lavish my love on her even more then I am able now. My doctor has informed me that I am in fact dealing with mild post partum depression in the form of urgent frustration and feeling overwhelmed. I wouldn't doubt it: being a mom of two is a totally different level of motherhood. I have been taking Melaleuca's st John's wort supplements and they seem to be helping with calming down my frustration. Now I am on the hunt for ideas of things I can do with both girls and additional ideas on ways to help make Brylie, my four year old, even more involved with her sissy and helping mommy.

How have you dealt with Post partum depression? How have you gotten your older child more involved with your younger child? Did you take supplements or prescription drugs to help chemically with PPD?

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