Monday, May 7, 2012

Refine Negatives into Positives on Purpose

We all have them.... a chore or job that we don't like to do. Something that we feel like is the worst way to waste our time, even though it needs to be done. Mature adults suck it up and do it. Young adults do to, but we often complain about it. Still others put it off or hand it over to someone else.

Ask anyone and you will discover that mine is the dishes. I will let them stack up until there are no spoons left for cereal in the morning or my husband can't find the coffee maker. It seems like every time I have a friend stop by I am saying, "Please ignore my kitchen" as we walk through it. And frankly, its embarrassing.

Lately, I have began to think about why it is that I hate doing the dishes. Is it just because I was forced to do them at home growing up? Is it because I hate how sensitive and burned my hands get in the hot water? Is it because I think dirty dishes are outright disgusting? Even after asking myself all these questions, I feel like I am being petty. Is doing the dishes really that bad? A sense of peace comes over my husband when the kitchen is clean. Shouldn't I want that all the time? Wouldn't more peace in this house be awesome?

Revamping our thoughts often can lead us to better situations, better mindsets, and ultimately better habits. By allowing our minds to think positively about a negative thing, and giving that thing a higher purpose, we can live in a peaceful and more uplifted spirit!

Today I choose to make the 45 minutes I spend each day doing dishes into a holy time to pray to God. This habit is mindless, but by using my mind and talking to my God while I do it, I think it will be a blessing in so many ways.

What do you hate to do? How can you change your mindset and give it a purpose to make it important, and thus, get it accomplished with a joyful heart?

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