Saturday, August 3, 2013

Do you peel your mushrooms?

I consider my mother in law to be a really good cook. She has taught me a lot of recipes and methods on top of the skills my mom installed in me growing up, especially when we stayed with them while Nolan was deployed, or those random months of living with them mid-move from one duty station to another. So I like the fact that I was able to teach this culinary woman a trick she never knew about in all her years of experience. And several woman in my life know about peeling their mushrooms, while others look at me like a bug when I mention it.

Do you know that mushrooms can be peeled, removing the dirty, outer skin? Do you peel your mushrooms?

To peel a mushroom: Use you thumb to gently rub the tip of the "bowl" of the mushroom head (by the stem) up and over the cap. The skin should be thin and roll right off!

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